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GoDaddy Seeks To Remedy Back-Order Service From “Not Delivering Value”

After being blasted by the NewYork Post over issues with their domain back-order services, GoDaddy agreed today to completely overhaul the services.  By having multiple customers pay $18.99 to back order the same domain, only to face each other in an online auction for the same domain, the company believes this is “not delivering value to our customers”. Bob Parsons said in a statement “While I was bathing in the milk of 1000 coconuts last night, I got a call from Danica about this issue. At first I was like ‘Hey, sweetie, you stick to beating the boys in the cars and leave the serious business to us real men’,  but then I started to see her point.  To make up for it, we are going to let any affected members come to our office and participate in a first annual Dunk Danica event on April 1st between 3pm and 5pm.” If you are a Godaddy member who has paid for a backorder only to have it end up in an auction, head on down to try your luck at dunking Danica in the Godaddy Dunk Tank. (c) 2010 DomainNameNews.com Advertisement Upcoming Domain Industry Events, Conferences & Auctions

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