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2012 DNCruise Officially Scuttled But Chef Patrick May Raise the Anchor Again Next Year

After two well received voyages in 2010 and 2011, DNCruise, the only domain conference held on a cruise ship, will not leave port in 2012. Organizer Patrick Ruddell (AKA Chef Patrick) gave me the news today and explained the reasons for his decision. He also commented on the possibility of bringing the event back in 2013.

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Chef Patrick’s WhoIs Privacy Breach Ignites Blogging Brouhaha But What Happens Next?

On Tuesday Rick Schwartz published an item on his blog naming Chef Patrick as the Moniker employee who was behind a widely publicized WhoIs privacy breach there in December. The news triggered a firestorm of commentary on both men’s blogs that is still going on. The question now is what happens next?

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Chef Patrick Talks About His Purchase of ScienceFiction.com & What’s In Store for the Generic Gem

It is remarkable to see what a great domain can do for someone. Former real estate investor Patrick Ruddell is a relative newcomer to this space, having jumped head first into the domain industry when the real estate market collapsed in 2008

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Photos & Highlights From DNCruise 2010 – The First Domain Conference on a Cruise Ship

It’s hard to stand out in the crowded domain conference field so Chef Patrick knew he would have to do something different when he decided to put on an event of his own. His solution was to stage the 1st domain conference ever held on a cruise ship. We have photos & highlights from the debut of DNCruise.

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GeoDomain Expo Preview: 3 Days in New Orleans Devoted to Networking & Domain Development

The 2010 GeoDomain Expo will run April 28-30 at the historic Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New Orleans. To give you a taste of what is in store for this year’s show, we hooked up with Associated Cities Executive Director Patrick Carleton for more details about the big event in the Big Easy.

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The vestiges of life (BusinessWorld Online)

The compulsion to collect and the life of things are common undercurrents in the exhibitions reintroducing the Vargas Mu seum to a wider audience. Located as it is in the University of the Philippines, Diliman, the museum occupies a unique position. “We are neither the market nor the state,” said curator Patrick Flores. “But we can be found within these larger domains.”

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