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Formula 1 team woos cybersquatter, then files complaint

After lavishing gifts on cybersquatter, Formula 1 team has a change of heart. With Formula 1 coming to Austin in just two months , I was interested to see this UDRP brought by a Formula 1 team. Force India Formula One Team Limited, which is strangely located in the United Kingdom, filed a dispute against the registrant of saharaforceindia.com and saharaforceindiaf1.com

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Social.com Domain Name Transfers to Buyer’s Broker

Looks like the payment went through for Social.com. Social.com, which Ron Jackson says is under contract to sell at $2.6 million, has an updated whois. As of today, the whois record at Network Solutions says the owner is New Yorker Kevin Bingo. However, the whois record is not complete with an address nor does it have a valid phone number

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Bingo.com Ltd Buys Out Bingo.com Payments for $900,000

Nearly a century of royalty payments bought out. Bingo.com, Ltd has bought out its remaining royalty payments on the domain name Bingo.com for $900,000 in equity. The company had a deal with the prevous owner of the domain (Bingo, Inc) to pay it 4% of gross revenue through 2098. An independent valuation pegged the present value of those payments at $1.4 million to $1.6 million. If you’re thinking that Bingo, Inc needed cash and that’s why it took a discount, think again.

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Bido Changes Fee Structure, Creates Credit Based System

According to Jarred Cohen’s post on the Conceptualist blog, Bido is now moving from a percentage based fee system to a credit based system . While the fee for domains with a reserve used to be the greater of 3% of the reserve or $29.99, it is now based on pre-paid credits. The reserve pricing schedule is now 1 credit per $1,000 of the reserve (capped at 10 credits maximum).

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