Formula 1 team woos cybersquatter, then files complaint

After lavishing gifts on cybersquatter, Formula 1 team has a change of heart. With Formula 1 coming to Austin in just two months , I was interested to see this UDRP brought by a Formula 1 team. Force India Formula One Team Limited, which... Domain Name Transfers to Buyer’s Broker

Looks like the payment went through for, which Ron Jackson says is under contract to sell at $2.6 million, has an updated whois. As of today, the whois record at Network Solutions says the owner is New Yorker Kevin Bingo. However, the... Ltd Buys Out Payments for $900,000

Nearly a century of royalty payments bought out., Ltd has bought out its remaining royalty payments on the domain name for $900,000 in equity. The company had a deal with the prevous owner of the domain (Bingo, Inc) to pay it 4%...