Defending the Internet: National Security v. Big Brother

In the wake of revelations that the US military network was compromised in 2008, and that US digital interests are under a relative constant threat of attack, the Pentagon is establishing new cyber security initiatives to protect the Internet.

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DoD Cyber Command is officially online – Army News, news from Iraq, – Army Times

The nascent command charged with operating the nations military computer networks is now a reality, the Pentagon has confirmed.

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Top Officer Fears Cyberwar, Hearts Karzai, Tweets With Help

Danger Room sits down with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for an exclusive interview. The ordinarily careful Admiral gives some surprising answers about Afghanistan's drug war, the Pentagon's new Cyber Command, and his social media habits.

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Pentagon boosting cyber operations’ role (CIOL)

President Barack Obama's administration will continue to explore the implications of cyberspace's "unique attributes" for policies on operations within it, said the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review.

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Firm employs large number of Pentagon mentors – Army News, news from Iraq, – Army Times (Army Times)

In a marketplace awash in consulting firms that help defense companies sell to the Pentagon, the Durango Group has a unique advantage. The Colorado-based firm has become a base of operations for retired officers who also are handsomely paid by the military for their advice.

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