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A Quarter Million Hits One Day After Registering a Domain Name?

Is is possible to snag a quarter million hits the day after you register a domain name with no marketing budget? Is it possible to get a quarter million hits from type-ins and referrals the day after you register a domain name? The owner of canucksriot2011.com says that’s how much traffic he’s gotten, according to a report by The Tri-City News .

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Morgan Stanley Sues Cybersquatters and Phishers

Bank sues alleged cybersquatters and phishers. Morgan Stanley already has the domain names — but it wants more than that. The bank has filed a lawsuit against the owners of five domain names that it says were used for cybersquatting and phishing. The company already has possession of four of the five domain names thanks to proceedings at National Arbitration Forum last year.

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Undesirable Consequences of Empirical Studies on Cybersquatting

Empirical studies on cyber- and typosquatting (for example, Moore and Edelman’s “Measuring the Perpetrators and Funds of Typosquatting” ) may inadvertently encourage bad behavior. People tend to do what most other people are doing, even when the given act is presented to them as something wrong.

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