US Gov’t Seizes 130+ More Domains In Crackdown

An anonymous reader writes "The DoJ and ICE have once again taken up the banner of anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting by seizing over 130 domains allegedly involved in those activities. TorrentFreak points out that this newest digital raid happened just before 'Cyber Monday,' a time when consumers are encouraged to do a bunch of online shopping. From the article: 'Compared to previous seizure ...

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Get a Four-Letter Domain Name by Including One Number [Domain Hacks]

# domainhacks Short, sweet, and catchy domain names—they're mostly taken. But if it makes sense to include a number somewhere in the attention-grabbing web site you're setting up, you can break into the four-letter walled garden. The semmyfun blog points out that something near 8 5 percent of all possible domains with three letters and one number are available , which is actually better odds ...

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Jose Antonio Vargas: Happy 25th Birthday, dot.com! (The Huffington Post)

March 15 is the 25th birthday of the revolutionary dot.com. And as the celebratory site www.25yearsof.com points out: "1985's most lasting contribution turned out to be three letters and a punctuation mark."

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