New Wave of Domain Monetization Companies Pose Threat to the Old Guard

It's no secret that PPC earnings have fallen off a cliff the past couple of years. A lot of domain owners would pull up stakes and move on - IF they had somewhere better to go

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Media Breakaway, LLC Announces the Launch of TheParkingPlace.com

Media Breakaway, LLC, a pioneer in the performance-based marketing industry, announced the launch of TheParkingPlace.com today. This new domain parking solution will revolutionize the domain parking industry by taking domains beyond traditional PPC monetization methods.

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My Dream Domain Parking Page

I have kept an eye on new monetization opportunities and the recovery of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) industry for some time. You may be surprised to hear that I have not parked a single domain…

My Dream Domain Parking Page DotSauce Magazine

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The Economy is Bad and PPC is Worse But The Sky is Bright for These Domain Owners Who Diversified

The economy is crippled and PPC has fallen off a cliff, but skies are blue for many domain owners who diversified into development and freed themselves from the whims of Google and Yahoo. Here are four examples of people who have taken control of their own destinies.

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PPC Revenue is Finally Expected to Begin Rebounding in 2010

Many domain owners have seen their PPC revenue drop by 75% or more, but we may finally witness an end to the carnage in 2010. The latest indication of an upturn comes from Jefferies who raised their price target on Google stock to $695 a share based on strengthening ad revenue. Yahoo is seeing it too.

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Online Ad Spending About to Bounce Back? New Survey Indicates a Turnaround is Near

A new survey of more than 1,000 global business leaders indicates that online ad spending will finally rebound in 2010. 48% of those surveyed said they plan to ramp up their online marketing efforts in the New Year. The biggest beneficiaries will be email marketing, social media marketing and search (SEO & PPC).

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Domain Graduate

DomainGraduate - Make Money Online Buying Domains:
If you are here because you are looking to make money online or a job that you can sit back and get rich with, you may have just found it!

Or you may have just found yourself another dead-end job. Depending on what you do with the information your about [...]

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New Study Provides Good News for Domain Owners Who Are Developing Their Own Content-Rich Websites

If you are one of the many domain owners

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Domain Development Trend Continues to Pick Up Steam as Domainers Roll Out New Websites

Domain development is attracting more and more domain owners who are looking for ways to offset their PPC revenue declines.

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Rick Schwartz Is Mad As Hell And He’s Not Going To Take It Anymore

Rick Schwartz is on the warpath. In an exclusive interview for our new August newsletter previewing the Sept. 23-26 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in New York, Schwartz laid into cyber squatters, PPC companies, registrars and even "show fatigue". Find out why he has taken off the gloves.

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New Solutions Seek to Counter Declining PPC Revenues

As PPC revenues continue to sink, solutions to improve domain monetization are springing up from within the domain community. Portfolio Help from Bido.com and a quick and easy domain development plan from AEIOU.com are tackling the problem from different angles.

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