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Ex-ICANN Chairman Jumps to New gTLD Job, Google Adopts .CO & Doors Open in Domainsville

Peter Dengate Thrush, who was ICANN’s Chairman of the Board until stepping down from that position last month, has quickly stepped into a new position in a private sector he helped create. Plus, .CO scores another coup by reeling in Google as its latest high profile user and a new domain information portal opens at Domainsville.com.

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The National ccTLD Disputes: Between State Actors and Non-State Actors by Y.J. Park

Since 1985, non-state actors under Jon Postel’s leadership have experimented creating virtual national spaces on the Internet through so-called “country code top level domain names” (ccTLDs). There are 251 ccTLDs on the Internet. In 1998, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – the newly established coordination body for Internet addresses including ccTLDs – stressed out the principle of private sector leadership instead of public sector administration of Internet identifiers. ICANN’s coordination of ccTLDs required state actors to comply with the principle of private sector leadership in a top-down manner.

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.Arab: “Sorry We’re Late, Please Change the Rules”

Another group asks for special consideration in new gTLD process. Now that three versions of the Draft Applicant Guidebook for new top level domain names have been released, a group backing .arab is asking ICANN to make special accommodations for it. In a letter dated May 4 , International Telecommunication Union informs ICANN that it has been appointed by the League of Arab States (LAS) to help establish the .arab TLD and corresponding IDN gTLD

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