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How Category Defining Domains Are Helping Jesse Stein Build an E-Commerce Powerhouse

The August Cover Story is out at DNJournal.com. Jesse Stein and his Florida based company,Triton Web Properties, has quietly assembled a portfolio of top-notch category defining generic domain names with one goal in mind – developing each one into a full-blown, best in class e-commerce business.

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Researchers find universal law for material evolution

It’s a problem that materials scientists have considered for years: how does a material composed of more than one phase evolve when heated to a temperature that will allow atoms to move? In many cases, a rod-like phase embedded in another will break up into smaller domains very much like the droplets at the end of a stream of water, resulting in dramatic changes in the properties of the material.

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Rankin Commercial Properties launches new sub domains for Cary Office Space Listings.

Rankin Commercial Properties released multiple sub domains this week for Cary Office Space listings in Cary, NC. Raleigh, NC (RCPNEWS) 22, June 2010 Rankin Commercial Properties announced new sub domains being launched featuring individual properties and their marketing materials.

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