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Health Officials on Playboy Mansion: H1N1, Credit Blogs and Social Media

Health officials say H1N1 infected DOMAINfest attendees and evaluates role of social media in responding to outbreak. We go to domain conferences. Health officials go to Centers for Disease Control conferences. You can imagine these events as rather dull.

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Health Officials Still Waiting for 100s of DOMAINfest Attendees to Complete Illness Survey

I was surprised to see in a new letter sent out by DOMAINfest Global organizers this morning that public health officials investigating an outbreak of illness that followed the conference have not gotten all of the co-operation they need from attendees in order to find the answers we are all waiting for.

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Health Officials Tell Playboy Mansion Party Attendees Who Fell Ill to Contact Doctors ASAP

The LA County Dept of Public Health has just sent a letter to DOMAINfest Global attendees.The letter says if you attended the Playboy Mansion party and have had respiratory symptoms “we encourage you to contact your health care provider as soon as possible.”

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CDC & L.A. Dept. of Health Opens Investigation Into Outbreak That Sickened Domainers

The Center for Disease Control in conjunction with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has started an investigation into the outbreak of illness that left dozens of recent conference attendees suffering from severe flu-like symptoms and at least one confirmed case of legionellosis.

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