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Early next week, the DotSauce Forums will be closing down and replaced with a completely new platform. Our domain marketplace and link directory will also be taken down as they are built into the existing forum. Sometimes you just have to go out with the old and in with the new ! I am excited about the new forum platform and look forward to sharing all the details and an invitation with you next week. Crowdsourced Domain Research My crowdsourced domain research experiment has produced less than desirable results. The SquadHelp contest just finished this morning and the final result was 26 entries

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Concern About The Survival Of Ghanaian Languages … (

IS RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP AND NOT.... Citizenship Is More Than Being An Advocate Of A Dagomba Or Akan Cause My recent article “Let us save the Ga language” drew both praise and criticism from readers on the Ghana and I must say that some of the counter ideas were interesting.

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More Media/Ad Trend Predictions for 2010 (WebProNews)

In a recent article , we looked at some predictions from Nielsen for advertising trends in 2010. These included optimizing media convergence being a top priority, new models emerging to take advantage of smartphones, more cross-media ad campaigns, an increase in commercialization of social networking hubs, and more interesting and interactive online ads. A representative for Cross MediaWorks ...

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