Coming soon: trademark applications tip off new products

Ready to Go Mobile? What about using domainIQ? Before even launching a product, many companies will file “intent to use” trademark applications to protect their new brands and slogans

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Apple “wins”, but plays whac-a-mole with counterfeiters

Company wins domain name dispute, but it won’t do the company much good. Apple has won a domain name dispute against what it alleges to be an outfit selling counterfeit Apple products. But it might have to continue chasing the perpetrators.

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Survey Focus: What’s the Top Factor When Choosing a Domain Registrar

Survey assesses most important aspects of domain name registrars. When it comes to choosing a domain name registrar to manage your domain assets, what’s the most important factor

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Early Statistics From the .ME Launch Show 50% of the Registrants Came From the United States

.ME is the country code for Montenegro but when the extension was relaunched in a new disguise last week half of the registrants came from the U.S. See more early .ME stats at

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