ICANN extends protections to Red Cross, Olympics, and IGOs

New gTLD Program Committee approves two measures designed to protect big non-profit brands. ICANN Board’s New gTLD Program Committee has approved two resolutions granting added domain name protections at the second level to special interests the Red Cross, Red Crescent, and the International Olympic Committee, and lays the framework for protecting IGO names and acronyms. The resolutions come after the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council gave a thumbs down vote on the Red Cross/Olympics measure this month, but with the expectation that the GNSO will reverse course at its meeting next month.

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ICANN Close to Final DAG for Top-Level Domains: Will Policy Concerns by New Applicants Be Resolved?

ICANN's plan to increase competition and bring innovation in the domain space by launching top-level domains (TLD) seems to be in full swing following the resolutions at the last ICANN Board retreat in Norway.

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DomainTools Takes Investment, Forms Advisory Board

Whois data service takes outside investment. File this in the category of “happened a while ago, but no one knew about it”. During yesterday’s DomainTools Open House , DomainTools CEO Tim Chen said that the company had taken on outside investment and formed an advisory board. Here’s an official statement from the company: As part of Thought Convergence’s goal to expand the DomainTools brand, products and services globally, we have taken on a group of strategic investors, including EuroDNS and a European investment fund. In addition to moving Tim Chen into the role of CEO, DomainTools has created an Advisory Board comprised of prominent domain industry professionals, including Xavier Buck, Slavik Viner, Richard Lau, Paul Keating, Ray Bero, Kevin Vo and Ammar Kubba

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Four eminent domains filed off Lyons Road (Boca Raton News)

Palm Beach County Commissioners have approved four resolutions declaring the eminent domain acquisition of property in West Boca Raton. Commissioners said the land was needed either for rights-of-way or for temporary construction easements.

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