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Retail CPCs Up, Finance Clicks Cost Less

How are your parking pages doing? If you’ve noticed your finance parked domains are hitting headwinds lately, you won’t be surprised by new data released today by Efficient Frontier. Efficient Frontier, which manages some of the biggest pay-per-click spending in the industry, is reporting a sharp increase in the amount advertisers are paying for clicks in the retail industry. Finance has declined. The CPC for retail was 56 cents in October, up from just 46 cents in October 2010

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Sedo Hires Researcher Behind IDNX

Pricing researcher to work for domain name marketplace. After working with researcher Thies Lindenthal to create domain pricing index IDNX , Sedo has decided to bring him on as its Product Manager for Domain Pricing. In a press release, Lindenthal said: I am thrilled to combine my passions for the domain market and real estate research at Sedo,” said Lindenthal. “I look forward to continuing work on IDNX, and to bringing my research to Sedo in order to develop transparent, industry-leading domain pricing services for the marketplace

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Fairwinds Reduces Assumption of CPC on TypoSquatting Sites, But Still $2.03

Fairwinds updates faulty report, but it’s still laughable. Last month FairWinds Partners, the group behind CADNA, released a report suggesting that typosquatting costs the 250 most visited web sites $327 million a year. I immediately smelled something fishy about the biggest underlying assumption in the report: the average cost-per-click on ads on typosquatted domains was pegged at a lofty $2.74 per click. The report referenced a VeriSign report for its CPC value.

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Network Solutions Announces Beginning of Landrush Period for .CO Domain Name Extension

Network Solutions® will support the Landrush period for the new .CO ccTLD. The Landrush phase begins today, June 21, 2010 and extends to July 13, 2010, and allows anyone, from businesses to individuals, to purchase a .CO domain for the retail price of $270 for the first year.

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INS: Moderate and marked declines in certain economic activities next year (Nine O’Clock)

The activities from several domains, such as the processing industry, the retail trade, services and constructions will experience moderate or marked declines during December 2009 – February 2010, vs. September-November 2009, according to the managers of the commercial companies, quoted by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

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