TRAFFIC heads to Fort Lauderdale

Domain name conference just two weeks away.

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City of Paris ordered to pay $100k for reverse domain name hijacking

Paris guilty of reverse domain name hijacking, ordered to pay over $100,000. A U.S. federal district court has ordered Ville de Paris (City of Paris) to pay $100,000 for reverse domain name hijacking and tortious interference

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DotMed applicant survives UDRP attack on its .med brand domain names

Panel sees through seemingly spurious claims by medical equipment seller.

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Default judgement issued against Paris in domain fight, damages hearing on tap

Paris may face damages in reverse domain name hijacking case. A Texas district court has filed an entry of default against Ville de Paris in a domain name squabble.

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Francois Carrillo’s hit with UDRP

Another day, another UDRP on a three letter domain name. Sadly, this isn’t an April Fools’ joke. Francois Carrillo, who runs, has just been hit with a UDRP for the domain name

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Brazilian Company Using UDRP as a Burglary Tool in an Attempted Generic Domain Theft?

This reverse domain hijacking trend is getting out of hand. Not that it comes as a surprise.

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Ari Goldberger gets reverse domain hijacking win for Kevin Ham

Planate Management Group guilty of attempting reverse domain name hijacking. Ari Goldberger’s lawfirm ESQwire has won a reverse domain name hijacking claim on behalf of client Vertical Axis, which is Kevin Ham’s company

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Wave59 guilty of reverse domain name hijacking

Arbitration panel says software company changed dates in UDRP. Stock trading software company Wave59 has been found guilty of attempted reverse domain name hijacking by a National Arbitration Forum panelist over the domain name Wave59 originally said that it started using the abbreviated W59 mark in 2009. It has a design trademark that includes W59 in it. After the owner of the domain name pointed out that he registered the domain nearly six years before the complainant used W59 as a mark in commerce, the respondent changed its story, according to the panelist.

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Power Tools Company Loses Complaint

Three letter domain name saved by National Arbitration Forum. Here’s a follow up to a domain name dispute I wrote about last month regarding a three letter domain name. A National Arbitration Forum panel has denied the complaint for brought by Robert Bosch GmbH, which has a line of power tools called IXO. The decision is in German, so I’m relying on Google’s translator here

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WIPO Panel Censures Law Firm for Misleading Panel

Panel blasts law firm for either trying to mislead panel or being “inexcusably careless”. Last year a World Intellectual Property Organization panelist called a case represented by law firm Novagraaf Nederland a “ flagrant abuse ” of the UDRP.

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Finally a Good UDRP Finds Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Australian company uses UDRP in bad faith.

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Kevin Ham Wins Another, and You Won’t Believe What the Complainant Argued

Complainant tells panel how it generated PPC results of its competitors. Kevin Ham’s Vertical Axis has successfully defended in a UDRP with the help of Ari Goldberger of ESQwire . Vertical Axis won for a number of reasons, including that the domain name was registered well before the complainant started using the term “Bright Sign” in commerce. Of course, it’s also a generic domain name.

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Porsche Wins Rights to Cyrillic Script Internationalized Domain Name

Porsche wins dispute over IDN. Porsche has won a UDRP for the domain name порше.com, which is in punycode. The company claims that the internationalized domain name translates as “Porsche”. This case created some challenges for the panel.

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eNom and Go Daddy Still Disqualified from Applying for New Top Level Domains

Language of new applicant guidebook disqualifies two large domain name registrars. If you read the spirit of the rules related to new top level domain names, domain name registrars eNom and Go Daddy are still disqualified from applying for their own top level domain names. In the latest draft ICANN tweaked the language regarding applicants for new TLDs who have been found guilty of cybersquatting, but not enough to let these two companies off the hook.

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CitizenHawk Nailed For Reverse Domain Hijacking, Chastised by Panelist

Typo recovery company embarrassed by case.

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Peace and Love, But No Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Company fails to get generic domain name. GS Enterprises LLC has failed in an attempt to get the generic domain name through UDRP

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QuinStreet Buys Web Site and Domain Name

Publicly traded Quinstreet acquires Lead generation company QuinStreet has purchased the web site and domain name

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Owner of Busts on

A generic, a typo, or neither. The owner of has failed to convince a World Intellectual Property Forum panel that it should get the domain name The case was filed by Mansion (Gibraltar) Limited of Gibraltar, which claimed that is merely a typo of its domain name

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