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VeriSign’s Plans for “.Com IDNs” Become Clearer

Registrants of existing .com domain names are well positioned for coming release of IDN TLDs. For years, domainers have been investing in Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) that use non-Latin characters. But these have all been IDN at the second level only, as there currently aren’t any top level domain names in non-Latin characters. So an internet user has to type the second level domain using one character set and then append “.com” to the end

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IDN .Tel Domain Names Coming Soon

Internationalized domain names on their way to .tel. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has approved Telnic’s request to offer internationalized domain names on .tel. .Tel registry Telnic made the request to offer IDNs on December 2, and ICANN Chief gTLD Registry Liaison Craig Schwartz notified Telnic of approval today via letter. By offering IDN domain names, users will be able to register .tel domain names in their native language and character set, as opposed to only roman characters as are currently available.

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