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DomainNameSales Goes on a Tear With a Hand in ALL of The Week’s 11 Biggest Domain Sales

It should be a very Merry Christmas at DomainNameSales.com. The domain aftermarket sales platform founded by industry legend Frank Schilling shot the lights out this past week either solely or jointly ringing up ALL of the 11 biggest sales and 16 of 20 on our weekly Top 20 Sales Chart.

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New Domain Sales Platform Targets End Users With Pricing Guidance and Quality Names

There are a lot of well established domain sales venues out there so you might not think there is a need for any more. However, Australia based Kikabink International has a new end user oriented sales platform at DotBuyer.com that they think has what is needed to stand out in the crowd.

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Aftermarket.com Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Big Domain Sale Topping the $500,000 Mark

Last year at this time Thought Convergence was busy launching their new domain sales platform at Aftermarket.com. With a 1st anniversary to celebrate, the company came up with the best possible way to mark the occasion by booking a blockbuster domain sale – a deal that came in above the half-million dollar mark.

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Howard Neu & Danny Pryor Join Domain Aftermarket Competition With New Sales Platform

Another competitor joined the domain aftermarket fray Wednesday when T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Co-Founder Howard Neu and Rodan Media Group’s Danny Pryor joined forces to launch a new free sales platform at BestDomainsWebsite.com.

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