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What do people look for in a domain registrar?

Don’t lose my domains, give them to me cheap, and be there to help. We’re going to kick off the results from this year’s Domain Name Wire survey with a look at which factors drive people to select their domain registrar. About 1,500 people ranked seven separate factors, and the results were the exact same as last year: 1.

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Domain Security: Dynadot Offers Two-Factor Authentication

Dynadot secures domains with mobile phone security. In April I wrote a few stories about domain name security tools offered by various registrars. One tool I missed was Dynadot’s SMS security tool. It works like this: Account holder receives a 6-digit code (sent via SMS) on his cellphone and then enters the code in his Dynadot account before he can do the following: – Get a domain’s auth code – Unlock his domains – Change his account information All 6-digit codes expire 1 hour after they have been sent.

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