When it makes sense to sell a domain name you actually use

You might want more money, but there’s usually a price at which it makes sense. Domainers typically sell domain names they aren’t using. They’re parked or have a minisite, but no real business.

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New Afternic tries to create a sense of community

Completely revamped brings back the sense of community and marketplace. Remember Afternic back in the day

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AOL bought a new brand for $3,300 and AFL-CIO PAC buys a campaign domain name

End user sales report includes some big names. This week’s end user domain name sales report includes a purchase by AOL that’s likely for a new site and the Workers Voices PAC picking up a domain name for the upcoming campaign.

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Sale would be highest ever on Go Daddy’s auction platform. An auction on for the domain name closed overnight for a whopping $670,005. Of course, one of the first questions asked after an auction like this is “will the sale go through”

By |June 29th, 2012|Promo Codes|Comments Off gets $24,000 bid on Sedo

.Co domain gets a big bid and other notable Sedo domain auctions. Here are some Sedo auctions worth checking out. The owner of has sent the domain name to auction after receiving a $24,000 offer.

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Afternic Touts Unnamed $540,000 Domain Sale, Gets More Exclusives

Domain marketplace known for small ticket sales scores a big one. Afternic is known for selling lots of domain names for a couple thousand dollars each. Not only is its expertise in high volume sales, but it also rarely gets to disclose its six figure sales. That’s (sort of) the case with its latest big sale for $540,000 — the company can’t disclose the actual name.

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ClickBank Cracks Down on Questionable Sales Practices

Payment processor and affiliate network changes guidelines for promoting products using its services. I’ve had a ClickBank account for over a decade. In college I used Clickbank to sell thousands of dollars worth of product a month. But over the past decade it seems there’s been a race to the bottom in info product pitches, especially in the “make money online” category. And ClickBank is home to a lot of them

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Microsoft Sells (or Places for Sale)

Domain name transfers to IP protection company. An old Microsoft domain name has changed hands. The whois record for changed yesterday from Microsoft to Glendale, California company Marksmen .

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11 Internet Named Top Worldwide Seller of EU Domains

August 4, 2010 -- The supervisory registry for .EU domains, EURid, has named registrar 1&1 Internet its Best Seller Registrar for the .EU top level domain.

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Company acquires, but it’s more like a lease with option to buy. Publicly traded Generation Zero Group, Inc. has entered into a purchase agreement for the domain name for $95,000 .

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BodogBrand Announces it is Buyer

Popular online poker brand is buyer of Bodog Brand, owner and licensor of the Bodog gambling brand, has announced that it was the mystery buyer of last month , and that it paid a bit more than previously reported. In a press release , the company announced that it paid GBP 4,000,000 for the domain, which equates to about $5.8 million USD a today’s exchange rates.

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8 Clues a Domain Name is Stolen

8 warning signs a domain name is stolen. Over the past few days we’ve learned about a number of domain name thefts, including and . People typically steal domains with the hopes of selling them before word gets out that the domain is stolen. Here are 8 clues a domain name you’re thinking about buying is stolen. Just because one of these is true doesn’t mean a domain is stolen; but you should use caution.

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Domain Price Fairy Tales are Hard to Kill

Myths about sales prices grow like weeds. With hitting the auction block next week , mainstream media are in a tizzy writing about the auction of the “world’s most valuable domain name”. As usual, they’re comparing it to other big ticket domain sales. The only problem is that many of the sales they refer to have misleading sales figures. Consider The Huffington Post’s “ The 11 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever “.

By |March 10th, 2010|Domain Sales, Recent Domain News|0 Comments Offers “Payment Plan” Escrow on Domain Transactions offers service for domain name purchase payment plans. I caught up with president Brandon Abbey during DOMAINfest last week.

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Snapnames/Moniker partner with Domain Distribution Network ’s Moniker and Snapnames divisions have partnered with Dark Blue Sea’s (ASX:DBS, parent company of Domain Distribution Network (DDN). Customers that have their domains listed on for sale at Moniker or Snapnames can now also list their domains on the registrars that participate in the Domain Distribution Network. Domains listed with the DDN today will also be offered for sale through Moniker and Snapnames. After GoDaddy canceled their participation in the DDN earlier this year , this new partnership may help increase domain sales for the network

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5 Tips on Selling Domain Names for Maximum Profit

I would like to present some tips on being a frugal domainer and keeping 100% of sales profits for yourself. By not paying sales commissions and doing some of the work on your own you can earn maximum return on your domain investments.  Every bit helps especially if you are working with a portfolio of lower to mid-range value domain names. Mainstream domain marketplaces charge you, the domain owner, a  hefty percentage of the final sales price as their commission. The rates look something like this: Sedo (10% commission), Afternic (10%-20% commission), SnapNames (20% commission), Bido (8% commission), etc. on every single transaction

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