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Those Zuccarini Domains on NameJet? They Sold for $302k in April.

Buyer in April auction turns to NameJet to sell domain names. So why are these John Zuccarini domain names suddenly showing up on NameJet? Whomever picked them up at auction in April is trying to make a quick flip. The auction on April 8 attracted three bidders. After 45 minutes, one bidder walked away with the entire lot of domain names for a grand total of $302,000 according to court records

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Court Wants Explanation for Conflict of Interest over TRAFFIC Auction

Court asks for explanation, but it’s probably a moot point anyway. United States District Judge Susan Illston has asked DS Holdings and The United States to file a response to accusations that auctioning off domains previously held by John Zuccarini at a TRAFFIC auction would be a conflict of interest. Zuccarini complained to the court that this would be a conflict of interest since TRAFFIC co-organizer Howard Neu once represented him in the cybersquatting lawsuit that led to the judgment for which the domains would be auctioned. The order states: DS Holdings and the United States have moved to authorize auction of the domain names and distribution of the auction proceeds. In opposing the motion, Zuccarini asserts that the proposed auction site, the T.R.A.F.F.I.C

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VeriSign Loses Big in Court on .Com Domains

Court of Appeals denies VeriSign’s motion, setting up a potential trial over the company’s .com monopoly. One year after a big legal setback, VeriSign has been setback again by the same court. Today the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied ( pdf ) VeriSign’s motion for a rehearing of its case with Coalition for ICANN Transparency, and the court amended the opinion it released last year on the matter. The background: Coalition for ICANN Transparency (CFIT) sued VeriSign for its no-bid contract with ICANN, among other things.

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