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Demand Media Demands Focus on Its Registrar Business

Stock investors need to pay less attention to Demand Media’s content business and more to its domain business. If you ask most stock watchers, they’ll tell you Demand Media is a content company. The company, they’ll say, relies on driving eyeballs to its ad laden pages

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Latest New TLD Applicant Guidebook Still Disses Go Daddy, Demand Media

Companies still fall victim to anti-cybersquatting rule for new TLD applicants. The latest (but certainly not final) version of the new top level domain name guidebook still includes a provision that, at least by the spirit of the clause, would prevent Go Daddy and Demand Media (NYSE: DMD) from applying for new top level domain names. Section 1.2.1 of the May 20 release ( large pdf ) includes a laundry list of reasons why an applicant would be barred from registering a top level domain name, including if they have been “involved in of a pattern of adverse, final decisions indicating that the applicant or individual named in the application was engaged in cybersquatting.” The guidebook defines this as three adverse decisions (including UDRP) including one in the past four years

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eNom and Go Daddy Still Disqualified from Applying for New Top Level Domains

Language of new applicant guidebook disqualifies two large domain name registrars. If you read the spirit of the rules related to new top level domain names, domain name registrars eNom and Go Daddy are still disqualified from applying for their own top level domain names. In the latest draft ICANN tweaked the language regarding applicants for new TLDs who have been found guilty of cybersquatting, but not enough to let these two companies off the hook.

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