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NameCheap Sued Over WhoisGuard

Company sues NameCheap after it doesn’t disclose identity behind protected whois. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again — offering whois privacy and proxy services is not free for domain name registrars. Here’s another example. Emergency Essentials, Inc, which caters to end-of-the-worlders by selling emergency and food kits, has sued NameCheap over a domain name registered using its WhoisGuard service ( pdf ). It’s common for someone to name a domain name registrar or whois privacy service in a lawsuit as a way to get the actual registrant disclosed

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Here Come Subway’s Lawyers for “Footlong” Trademark

Dumb and Dumber. A representative for Doctors Associates Inc., known for its Subway sandwiches restaurants, has filed a trademark for the term “Footlong” for restaurant services. The company is claiming a first use in commerce date of 1967. The company then sent a cease & desist letter to Coney Island Drive In, which sells footlong hot dogs and uses the web site GotFootlongs.com. Apparently that letter was sent due to “clerical error”

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