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Nintendo 1-Ups for Popular SuperMario.com Web Site

Nintendo wants to lay claim to high traffic web site. Decades after bringing the iconic video game character Mario and the Super Mario series to millions of gamers, Nintendo has decided it wants the domain name SuperMario.com. The company just filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Forum to get the domain name. Nintendo may be concerned about the content of the site, which is a collection of online Super Mario games. The site gets a whopping 200,000 visits a month according to Compete

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Priced Domains Can Sell in Go Daddy Auctions, Too

Premium Listings can also sell within Go Daddy Auctions — and at a lower commission. I recently received a sale notice for one of the domains I listed at Go Daddy as a Premium Listing. I assumed it was a standard sale through Go Daddy’s registration path. But a couple days later I got another email and realized the sale was actually on the Go Daddy Auctions site. It was still a fixed price sale based on my Premium Listing price, but occurred through the auction platform.

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Companies in the News: .INFO Registry, .CO Registry & Warren Royal’s Bobbleheads.com

Today in the Lowdown at DNJournal.com: The .INFO registry’s latest annual report shows a 30% jump in registrations over the past year….The .CO Registry is celebrating an upcoming appearance in a GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial….and domain investor Warren Royal of Bobbleheads.com makes his TV debut.

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Stars Lining Up For Domainer Mardi Gras – Saints Super Bowl Win Will Take it to a New Level

The Domainer Mardi Gras conference will be held in New Orleans Thursday through Saturday. With the Mardi Gras celebration as a backdrop, DMG already had a lot of appeal and now with the city also celebrating the Saints first Super Bowl win the show is shaping up to be one people will never forget.

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