Coup for DOMAINfest Global + Mike Mann Cashes Out & Frank Schilling Turns the Table

Today in the Lowdown at DOMAINfest Global lands the author who wrote the book that the hit movie "The Social Network" is based on. Plus, Mike Mann sells his share of an up and coming online company and a thank you to Frank Schilling and others who turned the table on me.

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Link Google AdSense to Analytics to Increase AdSense Revenue

If you have not linked your Google AdSense account to your Google Analytics account you are missing a lot of opportunities to increase your own Google AdSense revenue. This article will show you how to do this and stop leaving money on the table...

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Has Anyone Really Thought Through Uniform Rapid Suspension?

URS lacks foresight. Yesterday the comment period for Uniform Rapid Suspension closed at ICANN. URS is a cheaper and (supposedly) faster version of UDRP, with a few twists.

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Development Partnership Frees Premium Domain Owner from Dependence on Google and Yahoo

Another owner of a top generic domain name has taken his asset to another level by teaming up with a partner that brought site development, capital and business relationship expertise to the table. The end result, just two months later, is a potential category killing website.

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