Facebook Recovers 14 Typo Domains That Were in Lawsuit

Defendants hand domain names over to Facebook. Facebook has recovered 14 domain name typos that were named in its massive cybersquatting lawsuit filed in July. The domain names were most recently using the whois masking service

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Craigslist Sues Sellers of Phone Verified Accounts, Fights Posting Spam

Classifieds site goes after company selling “phone verified accounts” and helping people auto-post to Craigslist has sued a Colorado man and associated businesses for helping people circumvent tools created to block spam on its site. The online classifieds site claims the defendants offer services that make it easier for people to submit automated postings to Craiglist, against the sites terms of service.

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Yahoo Settles Lawsuit and Gets Domain Name

Yahoo now has for web site. As Michael Berkens pointed out today, Yahoo now owns the domain name . But this wasn’t your typical domain name sale. It was actually the culmination of year long anti-cybersquatting lawsuit brought against the owner AshantiPLC, which is owned in part by domain investor Sahar Sarid. Yahoo’s lawsuit against the Ashanti was filed in July 2009.

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