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Industry CTOs want government to lead on identity, standards (Government Computer News)

Their interests and concerns include creating the next generation of innovators, making sure the right incentives for intellectual property protection are in place to foster innovation, figuring out how the IT industry can help lead the US economy out of the recession, and determining the extent to which the federal government should engage in those issues.

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Good News for Domains: Time Says "The New Internet Start-Up Boom" is Underway

Last month we wrote about seeing a nice uptick in domain sales to small business end users. The new issue of Time Magazine confirmed that something is going on in an article titled “The New Internet Start-Up Boom.” Many who have lost jobs in the recession are starting businesses of their own on the web.

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March Surprise: Is the Domain Aftermarket Uptick a Blip or the Beginning of a Rebound?

Is that a ray of light we see at the end of the tunnel or a train coming our way? Things are looking brighter in the aftermarket this month and even 7-figure sales have reappeared (with another reportedly in the works). It could well be a false start, but there are a lot worse places to wait out the recession than here.

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