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Newspaper Giant Gannett Buying 1000s of iPhones & iPads to Help Reporters Gather News

I love my iPhone as much as anyone but I never envisioned the do everything device might become a key piece of news gathering equipment for professional journalists.Gannett, the media giant that publishes USA Today, is buying 1000s of iPhones & iPads to help its reporters record video & retool for the web.

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Moniker Auction Results: 29 .Us Domain Name Sell

US country code auction sells over $40,000 worth of domain names. Moniker ‘s .us domain name auction sold 29 of 86 domain names, or 34%. That’s a much stronger showing than recent online auctions held by the company. The key to success was a lot of good keyword domain names with low reserves

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Last week, I wrote a column suggesting that while some overheated Chinese markets, like real estate, may offer shorting opportunities, I’d be wary of the argument that China’s economy today is just one big short-inviting bubble, a la Dubai. Your honor, I’d like to now revise and amend my remarks.

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LuxuryNames Domain Name Auction Ends Today

First LuxuryNames auction ends today. The first ever LuxuryNames auction has attracted a number of bids in advance of its closing this afternoon. Lots will begin closing at 12:15 PST on Snapnames . As of 7 am PST today, 19 domain names have received bids

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Industry Standard Says "Latest Plan for Domain Names is as Doomed as .coop and .mobi."

ICANN’s plan to flood the Internet with an unlimited number of new global domain extensions continues to be a hot topic. Following Tuesday’s piece in USA Today, the Industry Standard weighed in Wednesday with an article headlined “Latest Plan for Domain Names is as Doomed as .coop and .mobi.”

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