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VeriSign is backend for 220 new TLD applicants and applies for 14 itself

VeriSign releases numbers related to its new TLD plans. VeriSign released earnings today along with numbers related to its new top level domain aspirations. The company said it applied for 14 new top level domain names including 12 transliterations of .com and .net.

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Is this Trademark Lawsuit Unethical or Something Worse?

Trying to get a domain name that existed before your trademark. I’m a big supporter of intellectual property rights. Unfortunately I’m stuck writing more often about lawyers and companies that overstep their bounds. The latest case: Smart Tax Holdings, LLC. The company filed a federal lawsuit ( pdf ) against Marchex for the domain name SmartTax.com

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SeaMicro Unveils Revolutionary x86 Server, Slashing Power and Space by 75 Percent

SeaMicro, a Silicon Valley pioneer of low power server technology, today emerged from stealth mode to launch a new Internet-optimized x86-server that reduces by 75 percent the power and space used by servers. In development for three years, the SM10000 is the ultimate re-think of the volume server

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Mumbai’s ‘rampaging tiger’ needs a little taming (The New Straits Times)

THEATRES booked for showing the Bollywood film My Name Is Khan are ransacked. The lead actor, Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, who plays an autistic Indian Muslim caught in post-9/11 America, is delivered the ultimate snub: he is asked to migrate to Pakistan. “Ironic and sad,” Shah Rukh tweeted.

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