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Whois privacy. Even the Fortune 500 use it.

It’s hypocritical for large companies to lobby against whois privacy services when they use them as well. Why do so many large companies argue against whois privacy and whois proxy services when they use the same tools themselves? It’s a frequently asked question, one that Kevin Murphy asked again today: Sure, a lot of people hide their whois information for nefarious purposes. But for companies to label all whois privacy as “bad” when they do it themselves is hypocritical. A number of companies use Mark Monitor’s affiliated companies to register domains and keep knowledge of the registrations away from the public

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DomainConsultant Relaunches Site, Launches Two New Sites

DomainConsultant’s Miguel Fiol has contacted us to with the news that the company’s site has recently been relaunched in the form of a blog. The company is most known for their work assisting with the auctions held by DomainTools on the Aftermarket.com platform. The company has also launched a new domain marketplace, meant for premium domains with little market exposure under the name “ One of a Kind “.

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