ICANN's list of top new web domains includes Mormon, Play and Career

London, Dec 19 (ANI): The first new web domains that would go live are expected to include names such as .mormon, .play and .food.

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ICANN's list of top new web domains includes Mormon, Play and Career

London, Dec 19 (ANI): The first new web domains that would go live are expected to include names such as .mormon, .play and .food.

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Mormon, Play and Career top new web domain rankings

The first new web domains to go live could include names such as .mormon, .play and .food.

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Long Island Media Unveils New Looks for Biggest Domains from Its Diverse Portfolio of Local Geo-Targeted Websites

Since being founded in 2010, Long Island Media has taken the local media market by storm with its portfolio of over 1,000 localized web domains, providing Long Islanders with resources for finding businesses, things to do, news, events, and more. This year, the company has updated their most popular domains, simplifying the navigation and search functions utilized by visitors.Kings Park, NY ...

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Microsoft Registers Domains Names For Halo 7 – 9

We didn't really have any doubts that the Halo franchise would be around for a while, but it seems that Microsoft is shoring up it's bets by registering web domains for Halos 7 though 9. According to Fusible , Microsoft recently acquired the domains halo7.net, halo7.org, halo8.org, halo9.net and halo9.org using an internet brand protection company called MarkMonitor.

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Search engine results serve fake Olympics Games domains

As predicted by doom-mongers during 2012, large numbers of web domains that appear to be legitimate sites connected to the London Olympic Games are really covers for criminality, security company Zscaler has confirmed.

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Ubisoft Registers 'Splinter Cell Online', 'Watch Dogs Online' Domains

Ubisoft seems to be hitting the free to play trail, by registering 'Online' web domains for many of its big IP, including Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs. Splinter Cell Online, Watch Dogs Online and Rainbow Six Online are just a few of many new web domains registered by Ubisoft this morning, hinting that the publisher is eyeing up the F2P online market

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Web Domains Leader Now Accepting .XXX Domain Pre-Registrations

Act Now Domains announces pre-registrations of .xxx domains.Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) September 14, 2011 .xxx domain names are almost here. Act Now Domains, an industry leader of web domains and internet services, recently announced it is now accepting pre-registrations for the .xxx domain name.

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Microsoft-Sony game venture in the works?

Software juggernaut Microsoft hinted at a partnership with consumer electronics giant Sony after it registered this week two web domains bearing both firms' names.

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The language of links

Bringing different scripts to web domains

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Chris Bosh: Master of his domain (and many others)

2009 court victory awarded former Raptors star more than 800 web domains, including gems such as CockBlocks.com

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The Sims ‘Medieval’ web domains registered

A fan site of all things Simlish, called Infinite Sims , recently uncovered a handful of web domains registered by the ever-stealthy, third-party outfit Corporate Domains, Inc. These reserved addresses could be an indication of an upcoming expansion to the Sims universe -- one that could take the bright, cheerful world of Sunset Valley back into the Dark Ages.

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Former domain holder defends against cybersquatting charges (MacNN)

A former owner of 16 web domains, which have since transferred to Apple, has issued a public statement on allegations of cybersquatting. Daniel Bijan claims that he bought macbookpro.com as he was investigating the domain business, and that "being fairly naive," he decided to continue buying domains given the absence of a cease-and-desist request from Apple. With most he is said to have set up ...

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TECHPRO Stories (techcentral.ie)

News | 03 Dec 2009 : Irish top level domain (TLD), .ie, websites are the safest in Europe, according to new research from McAfee. More than 27 million country and generic web domains were analysed as part of the research, with each calculated for a ‘weighted risk ratio'.

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Cameroon leapfrogs Hong Kong in malware hosting blocklist (The Register)

One in three .cm domains booby-trapped, warns McAfee Cameroon (.cm) web domains supplanted those in Hong Kong as most likely to harbour malware, with more than one in three (36.7 per cent) of domains registered in the West African country hosting viruses or malicious code.… Offloading malware protection to the cloud

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