Penn State belatedly registers domains for “Faces of Penn State” campaign

Penn State registers domain name for sensitive PR campaign…after news of the campaign already hit the press. If you’re a PR firm releasing a very sensitive campaign for a client, you better make sure to register the appropriate domain names ahead of time Over the weekend Pennsylvania State University kicked off its “Faces of Penn State” campaign, designed to move the university forward after the sex abuse scandal.

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Michael Castello’s Martian Connection – Why the Red Planet’s New Rover is His Favorite Robot

Michael Castello of Castello Cities Internet Network was in our area on a family vacation over the weekend. However when we got together, one family member was missing

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New Free Resource from Francois Carrillo Puts Extensive Domain Information at Your Fingertips

Francois Carrillo recently launched a new website at Dofo.com (short for "domain information") and he has been adding features to this very useful new free resource ever since (with still more coming in the weeks ahead). I took a close look at Dofo.com over the weekend and found a lot to like in Carrillo's new creation.

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Facebook's New… Newsrooms?

Over the weekend, Facebook quietly registered a series of "newsroom" domains. Could a new journalism project be next for the social media giant? On Sunday, Facebook quietly registered a series of “Facebook Newsroom” domains--a move that seems to signal that Facebook's entering the media content game in a new way

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After SOPA Flip Flop, Did GoDaddy Thwart Efforts to Drop Domains?

The drama surrounding GoDaddy and its stance on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) continued this weekend, with reports of customers having difficulty dropping their domains from the company.

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The Domain Family Loses a Well-Known Friend But His Loving Spirit Will Live On

Michael & Judi Berkens have lost their beloved Yorkie Bandit who passed away over the weekend. At Traffic conferences, Bandit became as familiar to veteran attendees as anyone on two legs (and a lot more popular than many of them)! Bandit may be gone but his spirit will live on in a new annual award that will bear his name.

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Coming Soon: The .XXX Speedboat

ICM Registry to sponsor world champion powerboat racer Mike Seebold.

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Hurricane Irene Pays an Unwelcome Visit to Domainers Along the Eastern Seaboard

Over the weekend, Hurricane Irene went on a destructive tear up the Eastern seaboard that affected millions of people in 15 states including a number of people from our industry. After two days without electricity some are just now getting back online.

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Attention, Cyber-Squatters! ICANN Expands Web Domains

In a meeting in Singapore over the weekend, ICANN ? the governing body for the Internet?

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Feds Seize 8 More Domains in Piracy Crackdown

The Department of Homeland Security seized at least eight website addresses over the weekend, bringing to 128 the number of domains confiscated as part of a government piracy crackdown.

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1Q-2011 Domain Sales Rise Slightly Vs. 1Q-2010 Despite Absence of 7-Figure Blockbusters

A new monthly DN Journal newsletter is being emailed to opt in subscribers this weekend (and is also available online). It breaks down domain sales from the first quarter of 2011 to see how they compare against the same period a year ago

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2010 Domain Sales See Double Digit Jump Over Previous Year As 4th Quarter Sales Soar 45%

DN Journal's latest monthly newsletter is being emailed to opt-in subscribers this weekend. It contains a comprehensive breakdown of 2010 domain sales data comparing the year just past against the previous year, as well as 4Q-2010 vs. the same quarter a year ago. The good news is ALL categories showed improvement.

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An Interview With Mike Fiol – The Man Behind Innovative Domain Auction Platform Boxcar.com

Our latest monthly newsletter is being emailed to opt-in subscribers this weekend. It is also available online

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David Castello is Psychic

David Castello saved me a lot of embarrassment this weekend. Earlier this year at TRAFFIC in Vancouver I asked David Castello which of two dates I should hold a domain name event in Austin: September 24-25 in conjunction with the Texas v. UCLA football game or November 12-13 with the Texas v

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Back to My Old Stomping Grounds For a Family Wedding & Research on a GeoDomain Project

I'm currently in Sarasota, Florida where our son will be getting married on the beach this weekend. While I'm in Sarasota - the place where I began a TV sporstcasting career - I will also be researching a possible geodomain project.

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ICANN Opens Floodgates Over Holiday Weekend

Information overload hits over Memorial Day weekend. Maybe it was because this weekend was the end of the month. Or perhaps it was to meet deadlines for the upcoming ICANN conference. Regardless, ICANN chose a U.S.

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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. MILAN Auctions Live and open for bidding

Latona’s Brokerage and Auction House has taken live both T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Milan auctions on Proxibid over the weekend.

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Scott Mendelson: Weekend Box Office Review (03/21/10): Alice three-peats, Diary of A Wimpy Kid and The Bounty Hunter … (The Huffington Post)

There was a multitude of new wide and limited releases this weekend, but the top of the box office remained the same, if only for...

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