Domain Sales

Sedo On Fire: They Sweep All But Two Entries on DN Journal’s Weekly Domain Sales Chart

Sedo makes a consistently strong showing on our weekly Top 20 Domain Sales Chart but the company outdid themselves this week, turning in the best showing by anyone EVER on our all-extension leader board. Sedo’s sales blitzkrieg gave them 18 of the 20 chart positions, including all of the first 13 places.

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On the Road Again – Some Travel Notes as We Head Home from the Frigid North

We are en route back home to Florida after stops in New Orleans and Ohio. Some things you need to know while we are making the trip; our weekly domain sales report will be pushed back one day due to our travel commitments and while we are in the air today, news may come of a major domain industry acquisition.

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Country Code Domains Dominate DN Journal’s New Weekly Sales Report

Country code domains turned in the strongest performance we have seen since starting our weekly domain sales report over five years ago. The biggest ccTLD sale of the year led a country code charge that gave ccTLDs 12 of the 20 positions on our latest Top 20 sales chart.

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