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Panel Tells GTMS to GTFO with RDNH

GTFO, that’s RDNH! A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has found satellite services company Global Transmission Media Solutions (GTMS) guilty of reverse domain name hijacking.

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NBA Star Chris Bosh Now Owns 800 “Cybersquatted” Domain Names

Guest contributor Zak Muscovitch is a domain name lawyer, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been practicing domain name law for over ten years. Go to and . This time he follows up on a case we reported on earlier, where Chris Bosh won his own domain name, along with 800 additional similar domains for other stars . Is Chris Bosh a “Cyber-hero” or “Cybersquatter”?

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Google Loses Domain Name Dispute Over

Internet giant has lost an arbitration case over the domain name In a decision released today , The National Arbitration Forum, dismissed Google’s complaint which claimed that it was entitled to the domain name . Google claimed that the domain name  is “confusingly similar” to its trademark for “Google”.

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