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Targeted Traffic

Welcome to today’s video. Today’s video is on TargetedTraffic, the conference. It’s not a paid promo. In fact nobody from Targeted Traffic even knows I’m doing this video. Traffic is not about meeting Rick Schwartz, Howard Neu, or even their lovely wives, Alina and Barbara.

Traffic is not for armchair critics, because those people, although they claim success, can only dream about it. Traffic is not for the bloggers that pop up on domain blogs and reply negatively towards any topic or individuals that’s ever written about.

Traffic is not just for seasoned veterans of the debate industry. Traffic is not just for newbies. Traffic is for everyone. And every time I go, it’s like seeing family, but the kind of family that you don’t get dragged to weddings to, the kind of family that you actually enjoy.

Traffic is for everyone that wants to get out of the desk job and work for themselves. Traffic is only for those with drive and work ethic that will put everything they have into this great industry of ours to become successful. Me, some consider me successful. I consider myself still learning every day.

And I don’t think I’ve accomplished 5% of what I’m going to do by the time I’m done in this industry. So I look forward to the next 95%, and hopefully the next 20-plus years.

So what is the value of Traffic? OK. Let’s go over that. The value of the Traffic, Targeted Traffic cons, is a bunch of things. It’s getting in a couple days early, so you can mix and mingle and relax and enjoy yourself before the actual showing begins. It’s the venue, which is always beautiful and high end, and never disappoints.

It’s the networking, where you get to meet everybody in your industry. It’s the show itself. It’s some of the panels. It’s the speed networking It’s taking advantage of every meal or breakfast that you have together, and not sitting with people you know, but sitting at a different table where you know nobody, and that way you get to know everybody.

That’s using your time wisely. It’s the face-to-face meetings. It’s talking to fellow domainers. It’s the business potential. You can’t imagine the business potential around going to a Traffic show. This year I came back with about 10 to 25 good leads that should generate enough business for me for the next four to six months, which I’m really looking forward to and have already started some of those relationships.

Some of them I haven’t had time to get to yet, but I will definitely get to. So again, it’s about the business potential. It’s about being around successful people, because you don’t want to be around people that aren’t successful. They just always complain and whine. And being around successful people does help you out in any business, in any structure.

It’s about meeting the companies that you trust your income to. Like parking companies, registrars, and everybody else that you may trust your domains to. It’s about marketplaces. It’s about everything. It’s about the after parties, where people really relax and get to know each other, and there’s more networking that goes on there.

It’s about the before parties, where there’s even more networking that goes on. So you’re getting the idea. It’s about networking. It’s also about the one-off meetings you may have in the hotel bar with a stranger, where you just happen to walk in and grab a drink.

And they happen to be watching the football game or some other game. And they come up to you and they start talking, and that turns into a great meeting. So, again, it’s about the business potential as well.

So, what is Targeted Traffic about? It’s about all of these. But it’s also about creating relationships that will last a lifetime. For those relationships– and there are new ones every time I go– that I am truly grateful. This year, I think I created about 30 to 40 new relationships with people that I had maybe met casually, either online or at a previous show.

But I actually took the time to spend and sit down with them. And it’s for those relationships, and the relationships with everybody in the community, that makes this a real family.

So, in this video, I’m going to suggest you get to know Bill McClure. Bill McClure recently launched, and his website has done very well for him and his family. Bill built successful businesses with hard work and dedication, and picked a niche he knows very well.

Bill is a great guy to talk to, and very approachable. And I’ve met him at the last few shows. At this show, I got a chance to sit down with him and his wife– actually, in the hotel bar while they were having cocktails– and we just chatted for about half an hour. And it was a really good chat.

So, get to know Bill. He can be reached at And you will not be sorry you reached out to him. He’s a good guy with a lot of experience in many different industries, and you’ll certainly learn something about business from Bill.

So, my advice to you about the Targeted Traffic show is simple. Get off your ass and go to the Traffic show, and you will not be disappointed. And I gotta tell you, if you do go, it will be the best money you ever spent. Thank you.

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