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Todays Topic: How to optimize your posts and pages in WordPress to get the maximum SEO value in the search engines and how to remove post dates fro pages and posts.

Here you will find a daily video blog by domain expert Adam Dicker on vaious topics on Domaining.

Link to software mentioned in the video to SEO your WordPress Site Step by Step:


Instructions to remove post dates in WordPress:

How to Remove Dates from WordPress Posts

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Hi! Well first I want to have to give you a warning about today’s video. It may contain a little XXX material at the beginning but I don’t you’ll be too offended. And then we’re going to go on to our program which I think today what you’re going to find is pretty interesting. So let’s get started.

So I’ve been meeting people continually for coffee and I’m amazed at how many people have called me and said, “Hey, can I take you up on coffee? You want to meet for an hour and let’s chat.” I recently met a gentleman names Jason who was very, a nice guy. There wasn’t really demeanour but had a bunch of domain names, kind of got them later on. And he was enjoying another line of business and he picked them up. Had a great conversation. I’m building five sets for him through to start and I learned a lot from him as well as he learned a lot from me about the business. So I thought that was very interesting for me and I’m going to continue to have these meetings if people want to get together and have coffee because I find it mutually beneficial. I can actually learn from other people and people can actually learn from me. So it’s great. And like I said I never make them pay for the coffee because I don’t want to feel like taking advantage. I don’t even know if it’s butt or whatever it is. So I paid for the coffee it’s just call me I’ll book the time, let’s get together.

So let’s go over here, here’s your video. So my wife has been bugging me about how come I have an hour for people I’ve never met. But she doesn’t get an hour for sex. And I said, “Well, you can have an hour for sex, but then we’re going to have to go 12 times and I’ll be dead.” And I said, “is that what you want? And are you trying to kill me? And she quietly left the room and realized that if she didn’t kill me then we’ll have sex 12 times in an hour and there will be no money to pay for the bills. So we got that over fast, and I don’t think she’s going to mention that again.

Anyway that’s your XXX fact of the day. The other thing is unrelated to domains that are just interesting some of you may or may not know this that during Seinfeld has an addiction to super men. In every Seinfeld episode, he had mentioned the words superman or you’ll see in the background, in the book case or when he moved around the apartment, you’ll find a superman figurine. But in every episode there is something to do with superman. Not important as it relates to domains, just something I thought I’d tell you because it’s interesting.

So here we go. Today’s topic is how to optimize your posts and pages in WordPress to get the maximum SEO value in the search engines.  So that’s what we’re going to talk about and that’s what we’re going to do. When you do a post or when you do a page in WordPress, you need to make sure and I’m going to give you about 18 things you need to make sure that you do to maximize the search volume. So the first thing is make sure that the title contains; well let’s assume I’m doing this on let’s see, what should I pick? Let’s pick, I don’t know, nail polish, only because somebody made me an offer on nail polish. So let’s start with it’s not my domain name. So free publicity for somebody else. So in the title you want to make sure that the title contains the keyword nail polish. You also want to make sure that the title begins with the keyword. So you can put something like Nail Polish – the Greatest thing since Sliced Bread or Make your nails look pretty; whatever you want with it. obviously I’m not very good with nail polish. I don’t actually have any nail polish. I don’t even do clear polish.

Anyway, make sure the title contains the keyword. Make sure that the title begins with the keyword, make sure the title contains at least three words in it after. The title should at least have three words in the title. So again, nail polish – red nail polish, makes you feel sexy. Who knows? And then make sure the title contains no more than 60 characters. So anything longer than that and it’s not going to help you in the search engine. So keep those four things in mind. The title contains a keyword; title begins with a keyword; contains at least three keywords, oh sorry, at least three words, and make sure the title contains no more than 16 characters.  Now as far as the URL goes, make sure for those of you that are familiar with WordPress, you’ll know about Perma linkage. Make sure that the title of your permalink contains your keywords.  So the page name could be /rednailpolish and that’s your permalink. At least it has now called in the permalink.

As far as the meta stuff goes. Now this is important despite what some SEOP will tell you and if you ask 6 SEO people, they’ll give six different opinions that will give you 6 different opinions on anything to do with search engines and optimizers. So right now you’re just getting one opinion which is mine so I’ll continue. Make sure that the description has a description for the meta tag contains your keywords. Obviously you want to put Nail Polish in the meta tag description and make sure is only up to 160 characters and no more. So people put wave more I thinking it’s going to help them, it doesn’t. so make sure that your meta tag description  for that page has a 160 characters. Make sure that the description of your Meta tags begins with the keyword. So you can start with Nail Polish, is or was or it should be made into one for a 160 characters and stop. But make sure it starts with it.  And make sure that the keywords, Metatag contains the key words. So make sure that the keywords Meta tags contain the keywords where you list those key words under the mental description usually. Make sure that one of those tags is actually nail polish.

The next thing is make sure on your heading anywhere in the post, could be if it’s two or three paragraphs long or whatever, make sure that you have in each one tag contains your keyword. So it could be benefits of nail polish or cool things to do with nail polish, or other uses for nail polish. And so make sure that H1 tag contain, if there, you do H1 tag that contains your keyword as a heading. And also when you’re doing a heading, in H1 tag, make sure that the keyword begins the H1 tag. So that’s why I put it in front and make sure it’s nail polish whatever. Just make sure that it’s so. If you’re doing H1 tag and making sure the H1 tag contains your keyword and it also starts with your keyword. Now these can be two separate H1 tags. It could be a guide to using Nail polish and then the next paragraph could be nail polish the ultimate fuel for your car. Now that’s not true but as long as you get the point that you can be in the middle of one, at the end of one, but on one it also needs to be at the beginning.

Okay, as far as content goes, make sure that the content of the page or the post contains at least 500 words. It’s important that at least it has 500 words because then it shows the search engines that it’s a real article, and obviously makes sure it’s a real article. Make sure it’s not just a copied article from Ezine or other find articles, or in Google there’s always Panda or Penguin updates. Those are the sites that could kill and move away down. All of my sites are original content so therefore, usually when they do an update, my sites aren’t punished; they are actually rewarded. And they usually move up. You know I just recently did and it’s ranking over the Top Ten. I mean make sure you use at least 500 words in your post and make sure that your content has a keyword density for your main keyword nail polish of at least one to two percent. One to two percent is good; you can go as high as 4% but anything more than that is called keyword stuffing and it’s not favourably by Google or by other search engines.

Now make sure that you see it live. So hold on let me turn down ringer off, there you go. Hey. Ringer off. Ringer doesn’t want to go off. I’ll just kill it completely. There, I killed that completely and at least you know these videos are live. Anyway, they’ll probably call back because people tend to call back. Anyway, so let’s make sure that the content contains the keyword in the first fifty to a hundred words of your 500-word page or post. So make sure that that happens. Also make sure that the content contains at least one image with a keyword as the Alt image tags. So you can put a picture of a bottle of nail polish and make sure that it says, the alt tag for that is nail polish. And then also make sure that your content contains at least one bold keyword. So make sure somewhere in there that your keyword is bolded somewhere in the page or the post. Another tip is to make sure the content contains a keyword in the anchor text of at least one external length. So you want to make sure you’re going to do that. Also make sure that the content contains a keyword in the anchor text of at least one internal length. So you can put nail polish and link it to some other page within your site. And make sure you do that.

So those are the 18 key points that you need to know and to make sure that you’re optimizing your pages and your posts properly. And then I was speaking yesterday to Scott Bender who I have talked to you quite a bit and he asked me for something that I thought was interesting. He asked me, “Is there a way to remove all the dates from the post? For sometimes content can look stale if you put an article on what is nail polish putting it up today, and then six months later down the road somebody’s looking at it that says January 23, 2013. They’re going to think the page never updated, and there’s no information on it.” so you can make sure you do that and I found a useful piece of code that you can put into your WordPress site and it will actually remove all the postdates automatically, so you’ll just posts. I’ll post that link at the end of the video, below the video so that you can go take a look at it and it’s very simple. You just go to Appearance>Editor, and then your WordPress Admin, you add this bit of code that I’m going to post. It’s about 6 lines of code. I’m looking at it now, that you just add into appearance editor and then you go into, that’s in your WordPress admin, and then you add this to your Themes and Functions.php5 and then that would biblio code makes it so all of your posts will not show any dates. Now that’s good for lots of people that do lots of sites that don’t have time to go back and update content every day on a regular basis. You don’t want it to look like it’s from 2011 or 2012 like you see on many blogs currently.

So that’s today’s video in a nutshell, and basically like I said, the topic was How to Optimize your Posts and Pages in WordPress to maximize your value in the search engines. I think I’ve given you enough to do and now you know how to go ahead and optimize your pages and posts. So go ahead and do it and you will find an extreme benefit to you in the rankings as far as search engine optimization goes for on page SEO. For off-pages SEO, you still need to do all the little things that we’ve talked about before like get your articles done, get back links submitted, get your videos done, get press releases done. So make sure you continue to do your off-page SEO too, make sure you get your Facebook and Twitter accounts for your domain name if it’s a business your building, and any other social media. That’s network handles that you want; go ahead and if the site is your business, don’t be afraid to add your LinkedIn account if it’s a real business. Like I did with or other sites. But go ahead and do that. enjoy updating your pages and posts. There are plugins that will do a lot of this for you automatically.  I’ve mentioned it before in another video, well it does not do it automatically but tells you when it’s done correctly and that’s Easy WPSEO. I have a link to that at the bottom of the video and it will tell you which things that after you posted, which things still need to be done, and which things you need to do manually and then you hit update and then it will say you’ll change your page score and they’ll say now you’re 80% done. And you keep going till you get above 90% and make sure again your keyword density is at least one to 2 percent and it can go as high as four percent.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I’m sorry for the phone interruption. I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Have a great day and have a profitable day. Take care, bye.

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