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Hello again. Today, we’re going to discuss another WordPress plug-in. The plug-in is called Manage WP. It’s a plug-in that allows you to take all of your WordPress sites, add them to one management console and makes it easy to manage and operate all of your WordPress sites from one back in log in.

So, basically, you can add all your WordPress sites that you’ve got to Manage WP. I have about 321 sites added now. And it’s very easy for me to go in and log in and upgrade all the plug-ins with one click of a button on all 321 of those sites at once. And I don’t have to log in individually to each one of those sites, which we know to be a real pain the derriere. I used to do that, and I used to find that I’d fall behind and sites would not get updated, and then they’d get viruses because I wouldn’t be updating WordPress with the plug-ins. With this way I can upgrade all plug-ins with one click on all sites. I can also upgrade all templates with one click on all sites.

And they also offer a few other features, like they’ll clean all the spam posts that you get from people who just go and find WordPress blogs and they send in comments that are unrelated, whether they’re selling Viagra or whatever the hell else they want to sell.

The other good feature about them is they allow back up of all sides with one click, and you can schedule those backups. So, what I’ve done is I’ve scheduled the backups, let’s say, once every week. And you can say how many backups you want it to keep on file. I set it to four, so it will keep four weeks worth of backups. In case there’s an issue of one of them, I’ll have the previous weeks back up to look at. And it keeps rotating like that, and you can select where the backups go to, if you want the back up to go to drop box, Amazon S3, FTP, or even email. You’re in control of your backups and you have nothing to worry about.

They do offer effortless upgrades also as far as WordPress goes. So if WordPress releases 3.42, like they did recently, you can upgrade from 3.4 to 3.42 on all 320 sites, 321 sites, with the click of one button. It certainly saves me a lot of time, it saves me a lot of effort, and I can concentrate on things that actually make me money rather than worrying about simple maintenance.

One of the other things it checks for is it tells you if you’re sites are verified clean or if they’re blacklisted. So that’s helpful in letting you know if you have an issue with a site may or may not have a virus and then you can concentrate on getting it so it’s off the blacklist so they won’t have that little message under your site that says, “this website may harm your computer.”

Manage WP also provides SEO and a Google Analytics type setting for your sites, both individually and as a group. So I can go see which sites, how much traffic my sites have combined, I can go see which ones have the most traffic. I can do the usual thing and see how much traffic they had per day, what keywords people came in through the search engines when they found them, and a whole bunch of other things.

It’s a little pricey, but I think it’s really worth it. They offer you a free five site trial that I believe is either for two weeks or 30 days. And I think it’s 30 days, and you can play around with it, install it, and test it out on five of your sites. And once you try it you’ll probably see it’s going to save you a lot of time as well. Because, like I said, it not only upgrades WordPress but it upgrades your plug-ins, your themes, and anything else that needs to upgrade.

All right, so the cost. The cost of this thing is, for five sites, is about $12 a month. 10 sites is $21 a month, 25 sites is $45 a month, 50 sites is $75 a month, 100 sites is $120 a month. Usually 50 to 100 sites should be good for most people, or 10 sites, even. For me, I needed the 500 site package, which is $210 a month. It’s well worth it, because like I said, it saves me a lot of time and I can concentrate on the stuff that makes me money. So I’ve added 321 sites out of the 500, and that’s fine for me. And it’s working great, and there’s no issue with that.

In this video, although they have nothing to do with Manage WP, I am going to recommend someone to speak to. And, like I said, she has nothing to do with Manage WP, but I think it would serve you wise to get to know this person. I would strongly recommend that you get to know Bari Meyerson who is now with eNom and is one of the best account management people in the business. Although I’ve never had any domains really at Moniker, I always noticed Bari on the forums answering posts. Some of them were like time bombs, but she still wouldn’t shy away from them, she would still go in and answer all the questions that there were on Moniker, whether it be about Chef Patrick’s incident, or whether it be about, oh, I don’t know, the bidding with, what’s his name, Alvarez, or whatever it was. She never shied away from anything. She’s a really good person, she’s a really good person to get to know, and she’s now working for eNom.

So if you want to get to know Bari, you can reach out to her at If you have any ideas on how to improve eNom or have any issues at all, or you just want to talk about domains that you have at eNom, you want to see if you can get a better price on a bulk deal if you move to eNom. Whatever it is you do, Bari is a very good account manager, and I strongly recommend that you speak to Bari. And again, her email address is

Thanks a lot, and I hope you enjoyed this video. See you next time.

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