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Today’s Topic: Start Your Own Business In Cord Blood Banking Now for as little as $20! Here you will find a daily video blog by domain expert Adam Dicker on vaious topics on Domaining.

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Hi! Well it’s time for a good video, an interesting video and I think a topic that you’re really going to enjoy. It’s a business opportunity and it’s something that I’m looking and putting together for a while. Before I talk about that I’m going to talk about, first of all this video is quite scripted because there’s a lot of detail on it that I want to get to you and I didn’t want to forget or leave anything out. So if I’m looking down, you’ll know why.

A quick note, a funny note, maybe not so funny for others but it was funny for me, I got a spam that could get the average person or somebody who’s been married for a short time in trouble. It was from a young lady named Kirsten who I don’t know and never heard of, and I’m going to stick to that story. She sent me a note saying, “How’s it going? I’ll be in town next week. Let me know if you want to meet up.” And luckily, my wife [0:01:05] didn’t see the note and be as to the jealous type. Someone else’s wife who’s been married a short time or girlfriend, I mean that kind of spam is pointless; there were no links on it. It can only get that person in trouble. But anyway, enough about the spam. Now let’s get to the video.

So I get letters everyday since I did that Cord blood banking video on domain probably about a year, maybe even longer, but I’ll say a year and I get letters from people asking how to get involved with me in Cord blood banking. And these letters forced me to set a program to get other people involved and grow my business, at the same time as giving them an opportunity to grow a business that’s very profitable. So this isn’t really a sales pitch, I want to make that very clear. I just can’t be in every city in the US and Canada at the same time, and your outreach in your own city extends much farther than I ever could. You’ll understand what I mean by that in a few minutes, well it may actually take 20 minutes to go through this whole thing but you’ll get the whole idea that there is a good business opportunity for you and I’m willing to let you in. So let me go over some of the details as you could figure it out by now today’s topic is Build Your Own Cord Blood Bank Business in your City. So let’s get going.

Like I said, it’s no secret that I have been involved in Cord Blood Banking for a long time now and have some pretty good customers, some of which send in 50- 100 samples a month which is, as you’ll see when we go down the video is excellent revenue. And now it’s your chance to get involved and make some serious money for yourself with very little start-up cost. There will be some start-up cost but that only I believe that you don’t have any skill in the game you’re not financially vested in something, there’s really no reason for you to even try. In the past experience tells me that if people have skill in the game, even a small amount of money, even 50 dollars or 20 dollars, or something like that, they will definitely give it a go and give it their best go; especially if they know and tasted the first sale. They realize the profit margin of one sale out does any investment that you’re going to put in to begin with.

So why am I offering this business opportunity? Simply put, like I said, I’m only one person and if I can get people in every major city across US and Canada involved, then my business grows exponentially, and many people are now running their own successful businesses, but they have been rolling, as I’ve said in many videos to put hard work in. because this is not going to be a business where you’re going to sit on your hands, take a city and just sit there.

So like I said, again and I’ll repeat it one more time in many videos, no business will grow without hard work. And that’s what this is going to take. And I cannot be everywhere, but everywhere, somebody is having a baby. And that baby can benefit from selling their cord blood. So some numbers: 1913 babies were born College Station, Texas, just a random city that I picked up because I happen to find an article on it. So 1913 were born in College Station, Texas in 2011. College Station has a population of 87,000. So that costs you about 87 dollars to take College Station. Therefore it’s about a dollar to a thousand. If you just got to one of those parents in a year, you’ll be running a profitable business, and I’m only interested in people that are chasers and people that know how to sell, and  the people that are self-motivated, want to run their own business, and are in it for, again to work hard and make it succeed. If you’re not one to put in the hard work that’s necessary, I honestly suggest you stop watching this video, go put your feet up on the couch, have a beer and continue what you’ve been doing up until now. Probably it hasn’t worked for you but again if you’re not going to put in hard work, I don’t really want you to be part of this program.

So imagine if you got to more people just one in College Station, you will be doing really well. So what will I do? Well I’ll tell you what to do; I will tell you who and how to approach people; I’ll tell you what groups to approach, plus I’ll arm you with brochures, flyers, business cards, and information on the benefits of storing your babies cord blood. And there are many benefits. There’s over a couple of hundred diseases that are treatable with a cord blood storage. The fact that cord blood storage and now tissue banking can save not only the baby’s life that you’ve taken the cord blood from, but any of your other children and family members as well. Yes, I said tissue banking that is also a big new thing, so go out there and get city domains with Don’t get, it’s not much valuable because it just isn’t and tissue banking is also going to be a huge market, and it will take off very quickly. If I knew when my wife and I started to have our four kids, but cord banking or tissue banking, I certainly would have done it. Luckily I haven’t had any diseases or illnesses where I required it but it’s like insurance. When you don’t get it, it will crash up your car. Trust me son towed my Lexus, luckily I didn’t have insurance.

If a parent stores a cord blood for one child, it can be used for any of there, existing children they have if needed. Some parents even go as far as, if they have a sick child, they will go as far as, once the doctor tells them that if the stored their cord blood, it could have saved their baby’s life and could have made things a lot easier, they’d go as far as having another child. And I’m sure that child is loved but he uses that cord blood from the second or third child to save the life of the previous child. So that’s how important cord blood storage is.

Now there are over five hundred thousand companies pretending to be cord banks, when in fact there are only about six to ten approved cord banks in whole US who would do this. And it’s FDA-approved and all that. The rest are opportunities to bring to you and us, as they’re definitely resellers or affiliates but they’re definitely not direct cord banks, and we want them. Honestly if you can get a reseller who is selling 10-15 bags or 20 bags of cord blood storage kits a month, that’s big money. So you want those. And they’re not direct as they claim.

So here’s how I really got started and got serious. So I got into this and then I developed a very close friendship with a lawyer, and a good a friend and we run a cord bank. Running your own cord bank reduces the costs considerably, removes all middlemen involved and leaves a lot more money on the table so I can involve people like you. He handles the legal, the money, and the organizational stuff, and I trust him a 100 percent. I’m handle marketing, because I’m good at it; sorry, ego there. It’s just I’m good at the marketing; I understand it, marketing, I’m interested in marketing. And it’s my job to bring in the customers, which I do with marketing and with phone calls or any other way that I see fit. Here’s where you come in, and this is probably the part where sit up and pay more attention.

I’m going to be assigning cities to people that want follow instructions and make dollars, but also like my other videos have shown, must be willing to work hard. So I’ll explain how you’ll get a city out first and we’ll talk about it but if you get city, you’ll have to reach out to all of the phone people and try to get them to use our cord bank and you’re cord bank, which is and explain to them that’s a storage of cord blood which is on listen on now. And also in every stake with and so don’t bother trying to get those. Nice try. So you get the idea. These sites are well indexed in all major cities with population of over 20,000 have their own page, where I can put your phone number and your email address if you take on a city so they can contact you directly. We’ll come back to that.

So here’s some groups you want to contact if you do take a city to build your business, and I’m going to give you the offline ones first. So the offline ones are the family doctors, as usually my cell phone rings even though I thought I turned it off. As usual, you want to reach out to the family doctors because usually women go to them first to confirm they’re pregnant. Then gynaecologists since they see women, they’re a good source for leads. People teach Lamaze classes are one of your better sources because they’re teaching 20 of the 30 candidates in each class and some of those will sign up for cord bank storage, and the Lamaze class teachers would be thrilled to have you go in and explain the benefits of cord bank storage. They’d welcome you in and that’s a cha-ching as I want to say.

You can so much offer and go in and get a whole of your local people and find whoever is teaching Lamaze classes. The hospital nurses and educational classes they offer for first time parents: a planned parenthood in your area. Obviously if they’re planning a family, this is a good time to get in.

Midwives, these people deal with pregnant women every day. So we want to make sure that we get to those people. So that’s your offline market. And I’ll explain to you why, in a minute why these people would want to deal with you it’s because you’re going to give them money for that leads that convert. And you’re going to be able to offer that in the front end.

So online marketing that you can do, well you can post on women’s forums and blogs, you can join Facebook groups in your area that talk about pregnancy or even talk about cord blood banking. You can put an ad in your local newspaper; you can put an ad on Craigslist or on and then you can try to go on behalf of those people in Google, let’s take Miami. Just Google Miami cord bank and you’ll find a hundred or two hundred thousand people pretending to be Miami Cord Banks when we know most of them are resellers. So buy from them, and offer them a good price. Like I said there’s only about 10 real cord banks so the 200, 300, 400 thousand you’re going to find listed under Orlando Cord Bank, you know most are resellers. And I’m sure there’s other ways that you can think of that I may or may not have found out already.

So when somebody signs up, what happens? Once somebody signs up as a customer with us, we send them a kit for the collection of a cord blood with a return label on it. It’s a professional-looking kit. They usually take the kit with them, they’re supposed to take the kit with them to the hospital in the little bag that they prepare ahead of time and they give the kit after when they get there. And they usually tell the doctor in advance that they want to store the cord blood so the doctor’s not totally surprised. The doctor does not charge them anything to extract the cord blood from the cord blood and drop it to the cord blood bag and then put it in the kit. And then the parents have a FedEx kit box, the parents have a self-addressed FedEx box; they drop the kit in the FedEx box and sends it to out cord bank. If they forget, most hospitals have their kits on hand that they can give them. So some parents obviously when they forget, because the biggest thing is getting screaming pregnant wife to the hospital and sometimes if it’s not in your bag you’re going to forget the cord blood kit. But hospitals do have extras on hand.

So how do you make money and how do people send you leads make money? So if you sell a $799 kit, which includes a cord bud for four years, you’re paid 15 percent which is a $112 dollars. If you sell one kit for 20 years, you’re paid 15 percent which is $450 and you’ll be surprised how many of the higher kits people buy because they don’t want to have to worry about after the four years, it’s a hundred dollars a year after that and so on. So I’d rather just pay for it upfront and not worry about it.

Now how did that 15 percent, you’re free to divide it up if you wish because you’re running your own business and I’m trying to empower you with your building to make your own marketing sessions. I can make suggestions, like I would suggest for example that if when you run to Lamaze class, and you’re [0:14:36] and offer here five percent and you keep 10% for each referral she sends on $799 kit. When he get 40 bucks, and you get 80 dollars. Imagine that if Wendy teaches these Lamaze classes weekly or monthly and sends you ten to 30 students a month, good profit for both of you right? And that’s just one-person running Lamaze class and there’s probably 20 or so in each major city at least. And then again it’s just one group of people you can approach. So if you sell a package of 20-year package of cord blood storage, again that’s $450 dollars still at 15 percent.

Now I really don’t want to waste time on business partners that don’t produce. I know that people that I’ve worked with failed in two different categories. Fall in, sorry. I know they fall in two different categories. There are starters, and there are finshers. And I know from my own experience that when I have skill in the game, time and money, personal sacrifice, I make things happen. So we want people, who know how to sell, and we want people who know how to close and we want people who really believe in cord blood storage and understand the benefits of cord blood storage. Because you can’t drive a Ford and sell a Mercedes. And you can’t drive a Mercedes and sell a Honda, it just doesn’t work. You have to believe in what you’re selling; you have to believe it is good for the parents to do this, which it is.

So if you’re serious and will actually do your part in stem cell cord blood storage is an awesome way for you to run your own business and help others, because it really does help others. Hopefully you’ll never need to get the cord blood back but if they do, at least you know it’s there for them and you’ll be helping their families. So it’s a service that definitely helps people. And you watch my videos for a reason. Ask yourself if you heard anyone else talk about this opportunity over the last year. The answer I’m pretty sure is nope. So hard work pays off, I’m giving you the option to say “yes.” I want to build my own business and have it mined.

So now, how do you get to all the city stuff now? So if you want the register a city, there is a financial commitment. You make a commitment, we have a private marketing center that you’ll access to, a member’s only area to our marketing, and our market tested solutions, and challenges you’re going to see over the course of running your business. And you’ll know how to handle any objections that you come by.

So let’s do some financial commitment examples to run your business. So let’s take Salt Lake City, Utah.  183,000 people the cost around that city, well, a $183 dollars. And obviously if you sell $799 kits, you’ll make a $120 dollars. So if you can’t sell more than a few couple of kits in a year, you really shouldn’t be looking at this opportunity. My guess is  you’re going to sell a quite a few a month and that $183 dollars consume like chicken shit compared to what would costs you start your own brick and mortar business, to start your online business and all the money you have to put into it.

Just an example, so I spoke to another gentleman and this was an interesting call; I love to run this thing by people, see if they big step through people like, throw off people if they would like them or wouldn’t like them. So I spoke to another gentleman and said there are 1.2 million people in Philadelphia and it would cost him about $1200 bucks. He also said that there were rich areas of Philly and poor areas of Philly’s so he may not want to spend $1200 bucks. But he said there was a city, a smaller city called Baldwin where it a very affluent city where people had a lot of money. So I said sir don’t buy Philly, go after Baldwin. And Baldwin has a population of 18,487, which would cost $19 dollars. So I said go for Baldwin. I don’t care if you pick big cities or small cities. I care that you pick the city and that you work hard to build your business so that your business grows, you make money and you help us build our business. But pick a small city, pick a $20 city, it doesn’t matter to me. I want to see you successful, I want to see us both successful.

So if you want lock in a city, we’ll be having a sign a 1-2 page agreement written up by nobody, the lawyer, but don’t get scared. It’s not a major legal document. It’s a one to two-paged agreement and the reason that we’re doing it is because I want you to be successful and we both want to be successful, You and I. The agreement is based on what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you to protect your invest and our grant. And again, if you have a city, and it’s a decent sized city, and you end up selling one to two kits a year, you’re not very committed so probably we’re going to terminate the agreement and maybe 6 months to a year, it will take 30 days written notice, and all the usual stuff. But I mean we want people that are go getters or chasers that actually want to make some money, in a downtime when the economy is farther along, people losing their houses and their jobs. This is an opportunity for you to make a lot of money while sitting at home, and working at home or while you’re on your current job, just wanting to do something on the side.

So if you choose not to take city, you can still be affiliate but the payout is much less. And you’re helping to build a person’s business that’s the best in that city. So if you take Miami for example, and you just advertise all over the place, you get $50 or $40, and another person gets the $120 even though they haven’t done anything but they made the investment in the city. So if you’re interested, here’s what you need to do. So get a pen, go to and then the top left box, that says Jump to Detail Profile,  or Search site, enter your state and then hit search or enter or whatever, and it will give you a every list of city in your state. Then you can sort the population column and then you can decide what city you want. Again, the cost is one dollar per thousand, so a city with 30000 people will cost you $30, and this works for a year, provided you actually do something and don’t just sit on your hands. I mean once you have your city, email; I mean once you have your city picked out, email either cities at or and we’ll email you the info to get started.

It is important that you grab cities and start selling kits based on information on Now, there is information there but we will be in beta until February 15 as we collect people for cities and ask them to prepare flyers and business cards that we’ll send you electronically that you can add it to put in your own account information and either take to a printer or printer at home. So that’s when we’ll be sending that information but you can start selling cord blood kits and you can get started cord blood storage now, for you and for me right away.

There have been some questions that came up; in my notes, it says there’s two questions but funny I listed three because I thought of another one and I forgot to change the word from two to three. So here’s the questions that came up. Can we grab more than one city? The answer is “yes” you can grab as many as you want. Make sure that you have someone in each city that will work it for you. There’s no point in grabbing five or ten, or 20 or 50 cities if you’re only one person and you’re not going to find the reps in each city that are going to after all those businesses that I mentioned earlier and more. You need to get, if you’re going to take like I don’t know – Orlando, and all the surrounding counties, or Miami and all the surrounding not counties, cities. Then you need to have someone in each one of those cities that can work for you and is going to work harder at it. So let’s take to Dallas. So if you want Dallas and you want Fort Worth and you want, I don’t know, Arlington and you want a whole bunch of other cities, you got to have somebody in each city that’s going to work for you and you need to make sure that you have that done. Unless you’re willing to put all the time to go after everybody in every city which kind of defeats the purpose. Yes, you can grab more than one city but we will ask you who the other person is, who the other people are there that are going to run the other cities.

How will we determine who gets what city? Well this one’s easy. First come, first serve. We’ll go by what time where you receive the emails. So if they are people that want Miami, the first person that sends an email for the instruction and falls through the payment, will go get Miami. If they fail to comply, or fail to make the payment, then we’ll go to the second person, the third person and so on.

No. 3 Some people have already asked me for sample of cord blood collecting kits. These are $50 dollars each because that’s what they cost us and they’ll be available after February 15. Now there’s another option. And this is we’re getting in the videos, just relax it’s almost done though. Good opportunities. If you want to look more professional, and I’m not really anxious to do this part because it’s a lot more work in my end, you have the option if you take, we’ll go with Miami again as an example to have a sub-domain set up with your contact info on it, with your email and your phone number and I’ll set up And give you a custom personalized email. That’s But that’s up to you and the cost for this is $99 dollars. This is not mandatory, this is up to you. If you just want to use your toll-free number, if you just want to toll-free numbers for people to contact you at the bottom of this video. I’ll look if you to have toll-free numbers, you may just want to use your local cell phone, that part is up to you because it’s your business so you decide on how you want to do that.

Okay, the last thing is this video is about me sharing my best experiences with you. I want us all to make money and enjoy what we do. Nothing is better than helping children and modern science, and making the customer, which in this case is the parent happy while earning a good living for yourself. And that’s all I’ve got. So you may want to watch this video over again because there’s a lot of details in it. I hope you decide to take part of the program because I want more feet in the street; I want to expand like the spider web and keep growing the business. But again, it’s up to you. Again, you can take large city if you want, or you can take the small city if you want and it’s up to you. Have a great day and I look forward to work with you or some of you in the cord blood arena and let’s make a lot of money. Take care and have a good day.


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